Pranayama and the effects on the different Systems of the human Body

Pranayama effects on Human body System


  1. Cardiovascular System:

Connection between breath and heartbeat:

:Extra supply of oxygen.

  • Purification of blood: extra supply of oxygen, removing carbon dioxide and toxins

  • removing disorders from blood (Ujjayi)

  • high blood pressure (Nadi.Sodhan, S&S, Bhra,m.)

  • slowing down heart rate (Ujjayi)

  • low blood pressure: (Surya Bheda)

  • heart diseases: NO retention and Bandhas

  1. Respiratory System

    Using the whole lung capacity, expanding lungs and increasing efficiency:

    – eliminates phlegm

    – removes throat disorders and inflammations (Kapal Bhati., Ujjayi, S&S, Bhramary.)

    – therapy for lung disorders: Bronchitis, Asthma, Tuberculosis (Kap., N.S. Abdom.Br., Bhast.)

  2. Digestive System

    Abdominal movements:

    – influence on apatite (Agnisar Krya), control over hunger and thirst (S&S)

    – keeps teeth and gum healthy (Seetkrai)

    – stimulation of the metabolic rate (Bhast., Kap.)

    – massage on inner organs and toning digestive system (Bhast., Kap.)

    – removal of intestinal wind (Bhast. & Kap.)

    – removes acidity from stomach ((S&S)

    – Ulcers (N.S., Ujjayi, S&S, Bhram.) DONT do Kapalabhati

    – Diarrhea ( N.S., Bhram, S&S)

    – Constipation (N.S.)

  1. Skeletal System

Ujjayi is supposed to remove disorders from the bone and marrow.

Those suffering from slipped disc, shall practice Ujjayi Pranayama.

  1. Muscular System

Extra oxygen supply and stimulation of the Nervous System:

  • induces muscular relaxation (S&S, Ujjayi)

  • increasing healing powers for tissues (Bhram.)

  • removes Fatigue (N.S., Bram., Bhast.)

  1. Nervous System

    Extra supply of oxygen, stimulating, toning, balancing, strengthening and and soothing effects on the Nervous System:

  • brain centers will be toned, so they can work close to the optimum capacity

  • control over the body temperature will be stimulated: cooling (S&S) heating (Ujjayi, Agnisar Krya, Surya Bheda)

  • cerebral tension, stress and anxiety will be relieved

  • Insomnia (Ujjayi)

  • removes sleepiness (Kap.)

  • Vertigo (Bhram.)

  • Head ache (N.S., Bhram., Ujjayi)

  1. More:

    Pranayama helps for all kinds of skin diseases, healing power of tissues is stimulated.

    Ujjayi removes diseases from fat, skin and muscles.

    The reproductive Organs will be toned.

    For Menstruation Problems and Cramps, Abdominal Breathing and Ujjai help;

    During and after pregnancy, Ujjayi,light Bhastrika, N.S., Bhramari, and Kapalabhati can be helpful (stop Bhast. & Kap. After 3. month of pregnancy)

  1. Mind and Psyche

    -calming effect on the mind and thoughts

    – cooling the mind, and mental and emotional excitation (S&S)

    – tranquility of thought, tranquilizer before going to sleep (S&S)

    – preparation for mental work, concentration and meditation

    – relieves stress and anxiety

    – directs awareness inward, brings peace of mind and one pointed focus

    – leads to deep state of meditation

    – helps when suffering from Depression, Lethargy, dullness and sleepiness

  1. Pranic body

    – harmonizing, stimulating and increasing flow of prana

    – clears out pranic blockages

    – purifying and balancing in Ida and Pingala Nadis

    – increasing flow of prana in Sushumna Nadi