Yoga for Pregnancy



Yoga For Pregnancy This time in the life of a woman is very precious and a deep life experience.

Creating new life, not only with the body, but also with the mind and spirit.
Yoga For Pregnancy can help the woman to have the best possible pregnancy and delivery, what ever circumstance or health. It also encourages a positive environment for the growing child and allows you to be a more calm and loving mother.

The gentle stretching and relaxing effect of Asanas is very beneficial, even if you have not done Yoga before.

For example Standing Asanas strengthen the legs and help to handle the weight and carrying the Baby.

Sitting Asanas and other exercises which open the hips and pelvis are very beneficial, an preparation the body for giving birth.

Bakcward bending Asanas should not be performed while lying on the abdomen, therefore we are doing adapted Variations.

Take up a regular and easy, gentle practice, always come out of the pose if you can feel any strain or pain and relax and don’t worry about the Baby, it is well protected in the womb.

In the end of the practice, always relax in Savasana or a modified relaxations pose. The regular practice keeps you in touch with the changes of the body and the growth of the child.

Rest and deep breathing are becoming more and more important.

Pranayama is very beneficial to nourish the baby with Prana and induce a relaxed and calm mind.

Meditation is beneficial for the mother and the baby, the mind, emotions, and flow of prana can be calm and relaxed, it helps to take it easy and bring the awareness to the beautiful miracle of life. It helps to handle the changes in the body and mind, and to create a good surrounding for mother and child. Fear of deliver can be overcome, because yoga for pregnancy helps to surrender to life and see the beauty in every moment.

Relaxation Every session, as usual starts wich a initial relaxation.

For the later month, where the Abdomen is growing, you can follow modified variations of the Child Pose- practice (Adha Muka Virasana and create Space for the abdomen) and Crocodile Pose (1 knee and hips bent (95 degree), elbows bent, hands besides the body.

Especially for the last few month, relaxation and rest are very important. It can be difficult to find a comfortable posture. The Adha Mukha Virasana gives a good relaxation, slight back bend and open the pelvic area, it helps to support the abdomen and makes breathing easier.

Sun Salutations

In the later month you may have to modify some poses, particular the backward bends which are performed on the Abdomen.

Practice your Backward bends in a standing pose with the hands on the hips, pushing the hips forward and gently arching the back.

The forward bending can be performed with separate legs.


Avoid to do double leg raises, but keep practising the single leg raises, eventually perform these exercises with bent knees if required.

Additionally it is good to practice pregnancy sit ups, which will strengthen the abdominal muscles and doesn’t put much pressure or strain. Lie flat on your back, knee bent, feet flat and close to the buttock, hands behind the neck.

Inhale, lift head and shoulders up and gentle twist to the left, go down as you exhale. Repeat on the other side, perform about 5 round, then relax.


Standing: very beneficial

Sideward bend

Forward bend: In standing position with legs apart, Forward Bend: Contracts the waist, pulling the back in forward helps to keep the spine straight.

Sitting: open legs to accommodate the baby, later on, perform in standing position

Twisting: Perform in cross-legged and standing position, where there is no perssure on the abdomen

Balancing: Tree, very beneficial. (Asanas can be found here)

Backward bending: skip back bends in lying pose and perform standing Cobra, Camel Pose and Moon Pose with the hands on the knees. Practice the Cats pose and tiger stretch, without bringing leg to head in later stages.

Practice especially standing and sitting poses, squatting and kneeling as is facilitates the pelvis to loosen up and open up. Butterfly, squatting, wall butterfly, wall squatting.


Inversion poses are very refreshing for tired legs and spine, rest the lower back and help veneus blood to return and ensure that the womb returns to its normal posotion

Support on the wall. Practice one leg at the time.

Halasana: Separate the legs and / or resting feet on the chair, bed etc..

Headstand: Practice slowly with awareness and care. The full pose may be difficult in the beginning, cause the sense of balance is changing. Take your time. The half headstand with 1 leg at the floor gives benefits and security. if you feel ready then only try to do the full pose.  Eventually use a wall. With the buttock close to the wall, take 1 foot off at a time.

Counter poses: modified Child Pose, Fish. (don’t push up in Wheel)

Yoga for Pregnancy:

Month 1-3:

Practice all Asanas and Pranayama with awareness and care, especially beneficial ones for the reproductive organs (back bends, stretches, side bends, inverted, twist, leg-raises, energy block series…)

Month 4-6:

Modified Asanas, Rheuma Series, Meditation Asanas, Vajrasana, Virasana, Majari Asana – Cat Pose, Tadasana, Side Tadasana -side-bend, Tadasana – Twist,

Month 7-9:

Thematic Series


Nadi Sodhana, Bhramari, Ujjayi, light Bhastrika, (prepare bhastrica for a few weeks and it can be very helpful during labour!!)

Bandha: Moola Bandha


Yoga Nidra, Meditation


Uddiyana bandha, Agnisar kriya and other Shatkarmas, Especially Nauli.


Week 1: Relaxation Asanas, Yoga Nidra, Meditation

Week 2: Rheumatic Series & Energy block Series (NO CROW WALK AND SPINAL TWISTING)

Week 3: Add single leg raises, standing Asanas, back-bends spinal twists (week 3 onward: Moola bandha)

Week 4: Emphasise the series 2 and 3, add light Sun Salutations

Pranayama: week 2 and onward: Nadi Sodhana, Brahmari, Ujjayi, Light Bhastrika

Practice The Yoga for Pregnancy and i wish you good-luck for your new healthy baby.

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