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Author: amit


16 Feb Yoga for Pregnancy

[embedyt][/embedyt] Yoga For Pregnancy This time in the life of a woman is very precious and a deep life experience. Creating new life, not only with the body, but also with the mind and spirit. Yoga For Pregnancy can help the woman to have the best possible...

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10 Oct Pranayama and the effects on the different Systems of the human Body

Pranayama effects on Human body System [wpdevart_youtube]K1bzmkVBUyU[/wpdevart_youtube] Cardiovascular System: Connection between breath and heartbeat: :Extra supply of oxygen. Purification of blood: extra supply of oxygen, removing carbon dioxide and toxins removing disorders from blood (Ujjayi) high blood pressure (Nadi.Sodhan, S&S, Bhra,m.) slowing down heart rate (Ujjayi) low blood...

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24 Dec The Most Difficult Form of Compassion

The Most Difficult Form of Compassion Joy breeds compassion, and compassion breeds joy. You’ve felt so, to be sure - beginning a session of yoga with the weight of frustration and irritation, only to breathe out your pain and anger with every exhalation, feeling the softening...

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