Hands on Adjustment for Yoga Teachers - Ashta Yoga Valley
It is a 5 day course wherein the teachers, who has been teachers or just finished a YTTC course and not yet feel confident enough to teach, adjust or correct during a Yoga Class, then, Please come and bring your fine art out of you of Adjusting and correcting others in a Class.
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Hands on Adjustment for Yoga Teachers

About This Project

  • Are you a Yoga Teacher?
  • Not confident about how to reach your students in your yoga class?
  • Do not know what is best way to Adjust the students?

This 2 days,Weekends Hands on Adjustment for Yoga Teachers workshop can give you a new way of approaching your Yoga Students in a Yoga class confidently.

What will you Learn in Hands on Adjustment for Yoga Teachers?

  • To approach your students confidently.
  • To Adjust your students and improve the practice of your students.
  • To learn to adjust almost all the posture* (Amit’s sequence or Ashtanga Vinyasa Series)

When is the next course/workshop?

The Workshop / Course can be done on appointment.

What is the Fee of the course?

Fee: 150 $USD (If done on 1 weekend) 

250 $USD (If done over 2 weekends)

Write Amit to find out when is the Next course or if you can start a course on appointment?

Note. A optional certificate can be obtain under “Ashta Yoga Valley India Certified” upon Extra fee of 5 $USD

Write Amit Now
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Become confident in Hands on Adjustments


March 11, 2017

Hands on Adjustment for Yoga Teachers