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About This Project

Meditation is the science of mental control.[wpdevart_youtube]FmJ63y8Ag0o[/wpdevart_youtube]

Amit offers various type of workshops in Meditation.

3 or 5 days Course: Includes both theory and various type of meditation techniques, to find a key meditation that works with you.

We are Like a Lock and every lock has it’s own key. Likewise, we have our own meditation technique which suits individually, depending on what work you do? what sort of people you are surrounded with? what environment you are living? This Meditation workshop can help you finding the “Key” and incorporate it in daily life once you find the key for your success.

Meditation is a state of meditating 24/7. Meditation does not mean to sit down and meditate, it is a state of mind where you can be one pointed, one focus on your present object whatever that may be.

I like to call scientist the best meditator. Once they find a object they want to work, they keep meditating till they turn it into success.

So what are you waiting for? Join my 3 or 5 days course and find the key to your success.

Starts on appointment.

Duration 2 days / 5 days.

Fee: 100 USD / 120 USD

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Kundalini Meditation: Kundalini Meditation has 4 steps: 1 Shake, 2 Dance, 3 Dhyana & 4 Relaxation.

Starts on appointment.

Duration 1 hour

Fee: 35 USD

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