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What is Yoga? अथ योगानुशासनम्॥ Atha yogānuśāsanam|| And now begins (atha), the instruction (anuśāsanam), regarding Yoga (yoga)|| The Union to Individual soul and Universe or higher self = Yoga. There are four path of Yoga as followed: Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jana Yoga & Raja Yoga.

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Nowadays we have forgotten how to be in the heart due to the expectations of society and our surroundings and through a reliance on material possessions we have become trapped in our minds. Remaining in the mind brings us suffering. Learn to come back to the self, return to the real self, and learn to be in the heart, learn to surrender to the LOVE. Learn the sacred practices to turn sex into a precious gift – an experience which is honoring rather than mechanical. Men learn how to direct their sexual energy instead of being at its mercy, and women discover how to allow more intimacy and pleasure through the body.

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Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy.Reiki Certification The word ‘Reiki’ comes from two Japanese words – ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki.’ ‘Rei’ is the universal life force, and represents spiritual consciousness or universal knowledge, whereas ‘Ki’ simply means energy. We are all made up of energy. The energy flowing through our body nourishes organs and cells, keeping our physical system healthy and strong. When this energy is disrupted or blocked, it may weaken the vital functioning of our organs/cells causing physical pain or discomfort. Reiki is used to cleanse your energy pathways, thereby healing your body, mind, and soul.

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natrajasana - dancing shiva pose