Yoga for Eyes – Improve your Eyesight with Yoga


Now These days as we know is a technology world. Everyone that we see or meet are loaded with electronic devices. Weather it’s a phone, a iPod, Computer or other similar device. And these Devices are require us to use our minor eye muscles. We find our selves gazing on one of these devices 15 hours out of 24 hours, some of us use even more than that.

People kind of have adapted those devices into life and became the best friends with them. If we find ourselves sitting together with friends on a table, yet we tend to be busy looking at the phones.

However, since we have adapted this habit so we should have some solution or remedy to keep our eyes more healthy and stronger in order to be able to do what we do using our eyes without harming them even further. So what can we do?

We can start practising Yoga for Eyes! I have created some eye exercises which you can practice and get the benefit of Yoga.

These Eyes Exercises, Yoga for Eyes will help you not only for improving your eyes but will also strengthen the muscles of the eyes and make them even more healthier.
We have thousands of minor yet important muscles in our eyes. Our eye muscles are used during looking in different directions. we only use a few and the rest we do not use.
Therefore Yoga Exercise for the eyes will help you to use all the muscles and improve all the eyes muscles so that you can see better and fine.
So go ahead and start practising with “Yoga for Eyes” And get your eyesight improve with yoga.

Amit Namdev