What is Tantra?

Margin of Shiva and Shakti energy together through heart to sexuality and reaching from sexuality to heart is Tantra.

Nowadays we have forgotten how to be in the heart due to the expectations of society and our surroundings and through a reliance on material possessions we have become trapped in our minds. Remaining in the mind brings us suffering. Learn to come back to the self, return to the real self, and learn to be in the heart, learn to surrender to the LOVE.

Learn the sacred practices to turn sex into a precious gift – an experience which is honoring rather than mechanical. Men learn how to direct their sexual energy instead of being at its mercy, and women discover how to allow more intimacy and pleasure through the body.

-Awaken the subtle senses in your body, allowing a more heartfelt expression of your sexuality.
During this Tantra retreat, you’ll learn to become the master of your sexual energy, instead of being at its mercy. You will be guided into spreading pleasure through your whole body, experiencing this blissful state for longer, and without the urgency for release.
-Lose the anxiety around performance, and learn how to share this amazing energy with your partner.
The first session teaches you how to re-frame your sexual response, maintain ease and presence, and most men report a state of expanded energy and awareness that stays with them for days. You’ll go home with practices to transform your intimate life, no matter what your individual circumstances may be.

This retreat will bring you into a safe, relaxed space, allowing you to open to new experiences of pleasure, and an awareness of subtle sensations through the whole body. You will integrate your full orgasmic potential, expand states of awareness and deepen the connection with yourself.

The techniques you learn during the retreat will enable you to change old habits, connect more deeply with your partner or in future connections, and feel more pleasure and intimacy without worrying about your performance. As we move into deeper Tantric practices, we will awaken the experience of full-body orgasmic waves.
You will learn ways to release blocks and old conditioning that hold you back from relating authentically, allowing you to stand in your true masculine power and presence.

-Discover how to receive more intimacy and pleasure through your body, opening your capacity for expressing and sharing your full sexuality – for yourself, and in lovemaking.
You’ll be learning a whole new way of relating to your sexual self which sheds the layers of old habits and conditioning.
The sessions assist you to get out of your head and drop into your body, to explore and express your sensuality in safety and trust.
-You’ll experience the opening of energetic pathways in the body, allowing orgasmic energy to flow freely, which happens naturally when the nervous system is calm and the heart is ready to receive.
This often taps into a deep sense of ancient sister lineage, and of remembering the innate sexual power of the feminine.
The practices will release any old patterns of fear, guilt or shame which may be stuck in the body around sexual expression.
The intention is to open to pleasure, connecting sexual energy to the heart and through the whole body.
This is a journey into the self, of self love, and an unfolding of your full orgasmic energy.
The degree of intimacy in the bodywork will be geared towards what is comfortable, and what unfolds in our work together. Your boundaries will always be respected.

This is a beginner level retreat and all are welcome, no prior knowledge is necessary, just bring an open mind and we will help to open your heart!

Amit also offers private classes for couple or one on one basis.

Contact him for further details about the classes or our next:

Tantra Heart Intensive begins on 10th March – 14th March at Chinag Mai Thailand

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